4 Easy Ways To Make Extra Cash

30th June 2015

I haven’t posted in a while because I have been working in some form or fashion every day since my birthday. Why am I working so much? Because I am going on a road trip in July while also trying to build my emergency fund. Needless to say, it’s been pretty draining on the wallet.

4 Easy Ways To Make Easy Cash on Sweet Southern Simplicity Blog

Below are four easy ways I am making extra cash for my road trip. These are things anyone can do! I sincerely hope these help anyone who may be strapped for cash.

1. Get a second part time job.
Preferably something that will pay you cash. I got a second serving job and it’s been great for me. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I love it. If it’s not your thing, try walking dogs or baby sitting. Keep all your cash somewhere safe, where you won’t spend it. It’s easy to grow when it’s out of sight. I personally use an accordion envelope (from the Dollar Section of Target) and keep it out of sight.

2. Start your side hustle.
Do you have a creative skill? Do you paint or knit or create items in some fashion? Sell your creations! For a long time I didn’t think my art was good enough to sell and so I didn’t. Now I have orders coming in regularly. I sell through Etsy, if you would like to get started on your side hustle, follow this link to earn FREE listings!

3. Sell your closet.
I could write an entire novel on this I’m pretty sure. I have hoarding tendencies. I became aware of this a few months ago when I moved into a much smaller space. I especially have this issue with clothes. Then I discovered Vinted. I haven’t made my fortune on it yet but I have sold some pretty pricey items and found some STEALS on items I need. Plus, it’s so easy to use! Just download their free app, snap some photos, and wait for someone to snag it!

4. InboxDollars
I am not a huge proponent of spending hours and hours taking surveys for spare change. I have only been using InboxDollars for about 10 days and have earned over $15. I don’t sign on everyday, I don’t take millions of surveys. I simply click the emails they send me and do the occasional survey (if the payout is .50 cents or more). You can sign up for InboxDollars here to try it for yourself! They don’t payout until you’ve earned $30 but I am confident I will hit the $30 mark in no time.

How do you make extra cash fast? Let me know in the comments below!


“I just wanna stay broke forever, yeah that’s that sh*t no one ever said.”
– G-Eazy

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