My Favorite School Supplies

24th March 2016

Hi, my name is Sarah and I am a school / office supply addict. Because I have invested at least a zillion dollars in school / office supplies over my lifetime, I thought I would create a list of all my tried and true favorite ones. These are the supplies I find myself buying again and again every year. Bonus, most of them are inexpensive!

My Favorite School Office Supplies

My Favorite School Supplies

Paper Mate Flair Pens

I LOVE these pens for journaling and writing in my planner. They come in awesome colors and most importantly, they are inexpensive! You can get the set above for less than $10 here.

Paper Mate InkJoy Ball Point Pens

Another cheapie favorite. I use these for color-coded notes. These are only $3!

Mead College Ruled Notebooks

How darling are these? I have always been a fan of Mead paper, it is bright and doesn’t induce smudging as much as other paper I’ve used. You can find them here.

Sharpie Clear View Highlighters

Hands down the best highlighters I have ever used. They help keep my notes neat and beautiful! They are inexpensive as well, check them out here.

Kate Spade 2016 Agenda

This is the planner I wish I had. It’s definitely not as inexpensive as the other items on this list but it is worth the investment. Plus, it’s Kate Spade.. need I say more? Check it out here!

HP Wireless Printer

A good printer will make your life so much easier in college. Invest in one like this that’s wireless and enjoy stress-free printing all semester long!

Avery Binders

I love how durable Avery binders are. This one also happens to be pretty!

Post-it Note Tabs

I use these for all kinds of things! My favorite use is in my planner (each color representing a different area of my life). I also use these with my textbooks and my class notes. Somehow, even with all those uses, this pack lasted me an entire year. The possibilities are endless!

Divider Sticky Notes

SO helpful for notes. I have also used these in scrapbooks and my Smash Book journal!

G2 Pilot Pens

I love these so much for journaling and writing in my planner. The more colors, the better!

Washi Tape

I use washi tape in my planner, on scrapbook projects, and with my stationary. I absolutely adore this collection, so cute!

What do you think? What are your favorites? Let me know in the comments below!

XO – Sarah

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