Wanted Wednesday Craft Room Edition Sweet Southern Simplicity Blog

Wanted Wednesday: Craft Room Edition

24th April 2016

wanted wednesday on Sweet Southern Simplicity Blog

Welcome to Sweet Southern Simplicity’s first ever Wanted Wednesday! Every Wednesday I will be sharing product collages of things I find useful and beautiful.

Over my winter break I was able to clean out all of my craft items and give them a new home in my new craft room! So exciting! It is still a work in progress, mainly because of my budget. Regardless, it has been such a blessing and a space I know I will be spending lots of time in. Every time I am in there working on something it reminds me of the countless hours I spent in my grandmother’s craft room before she passed away. I can’t explain how special it feels to work with her sewing machine and fabric from her collection. I know she is looking down on me, beaming with pride, each time I create something (even though I am no where near her skill level 🙂 ).

So here it is, my top wanted items to spruce up my craft room..

Wanted Wednesday Craft Room Edition Sweet Southern Simplicity Blog

one // salt lamp
two // inspiring wall art
three // geometric rug
four // storage bin
five // craft storage tower

With proper budgeting and continued side hustling, I know my craft room will be beautiful and inspiring in no time!

XO – Sarah

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