24 Goals for 24

10th June 2015

I don’t know about you but birthdays in my twenties so far has involved a lot of crying. I don’t know what it is about getting older that shakes me to my core, but I hate it. I am terrified of growing up.

Or at least I was. This year I am embracing getting older and looking at it as a pleasure denied to many. I am welcoming 24 with open arms and am determined to make this year count.

So here it is, my list of 24 goals for year 24 of my life (in no particular order). It’s hard for me to post this publicly but I think it will help me stick to my plans.

24 Goals for 24 by Sweet Southern Simplicity Blog(photo by the amazing Abigail Thomas of A.thomas Photography)

1. Do not let insecurities ruin my good time.
I can’t tell you how obsessive I have been over my outward appearance my entire life. I starved myself for thinness most of my teenaged years, I used to spend 20 minutes of each day in the tanning bed (EW, I know..), I spent tons of my hard earned cash on miracle bras and makeup.. blah blah. Because if I didn’t feel good about my outward appearance I was bound to have a bad day. At least that’s what I thought for a long time. It took me way too long to realize this but, no one else is paying that close attention to the tiny spider vein on my leg or my savage cuticles. So my hope for 24 is that I let go of my superficial obsession and embrace life.

2. Be a better partner.
Relationships are hard no matter how perfectly you match. Although I would like to think I’m the perfect girlfriend, I know that I am not. I am going to be more understanding, a better listener, more respectful, and more cognizant of the words that leave my mouth. I got extremely lucky and scored the perfect man, I better do something to deserve him 😉

3. Increase my emergency fund.
I’ve been reading a lot of Dave Ramsey and it’s been transforming my life. I have a really sad emergency fund currently. I want to increase it to cover 3-6 months of expenses just in case.

4. No hangovers, at all.
This one won’t be too hard for me because I very rarely drink now. As someone that struggled with alcoholism, it’s easy for me to overindulge on those very rare occasions. So cheers to one or two drinks (and nothing more!).

5. Invest in my health.
When you are on your own with very little money it’s easy to let your health slide. I can count the months of health insurance I’ve had in my life on one hand and that’s not something I’m proud of. I want to open a health savings account this year. Another Dave Ramsey suggestion, thanks Dave!

6. Stop drinking sugar!
So I’ve quit drinking soda which is great except I still drink juice and sports drinks. They may not be caffeinated but they are still SUGAR which is still no good.

7. Take more photos and PRINT them.
I have thousands of photos in my dropbox, years worth. Have any of them ever been printed? NO. With photo prints available to order online at such reasonable prices, there’s no excuse not to.

8. Cherish and nurture relationships.
It’s so freakin’ hard to find time to just hang with the girls or go see my family these days. Everyone is so busy. I am especially guilty of busy. In my 24th year I want more friend and family time. More cards, more phone calls, more memories.

9. Find a natural skin care routine.
Graceful aging is not in my future, not trying to gain your pity -just being real. I want to find a natural skin care routine to stick with. I think my best shot at keeping my skin youthful is going to be something natural, not an expensive “miracle” cream.

10. Give 100% to grad school.
I was going through a really rough time mentally the last time I was in school. I had pretty good grades but I always kick myself thinking about how well I could have done if I would have just bucked up. This time around I want to be obsessive about what I’m learning, involved in extracurricular activities, clubs, and societies, and have school spirit. I want to absorb this experience and really make my next (and probably last) two years of school my best.

11. Read more.
I have always adored reading but it’s hard to find the time. I have made a goal of reading at least TWO books a month. Have any good suggestions on what to read? Let me know in the comments below!

12. Keep a progress journal.
I want to journal so bad but for some reason I just never sit down and do it. I think a good way to help me journal and stick to my goals would be to journal about my goals! Stay tuned for more on this 🙂

13. Get more serious about blogging.
My blog isn’t too shabby but I know I could do better. And I will this year!

14. Put a lot of effort into my antique booth.
Of course the ultimate goal is to make a pretty profit on my booth, but what’s more important to me is that I really do my best on it. I’ve been working on lots of fun items and display stuff and I can’t wait to share it with you.

15. Do something active at least once a day.
This one doesn’t need much explanation. I am a small girl and I need to build some muscle, end of story.

16. Stay organized.
This will probably always be my biggest struggle, but it’s important. My beau is slightly neurotic about organization and everything being in its place. I .. am not. In an effort to make my life easier and my guy happy, I want to stay organized.

17. No more mall.
The mall is my kryptonite. I mean who can turn away such cute stuff for so cheap at stores like Forever 21 and H&M?! I want to, fast fashion is not good for anyone involved. Especially not the workers that make our favorite $7.99 tops that disintegrate after one wash.

18. Invest in a DSLR camera.
This one has been on the list every year since I was 16. I want one so bad but I REFUSE to finance it. This year I hope to purchase one.. in cash!

19. Travel to places I’ve never been.
I take small vacations every now and then but a lot of the time it’s to places I’ve already been. I’ve recently become aware of just how little of this world I’ve seen. It’s time to change that.

20. Cook more, eat fast food less.
I’m sorry Chick-fil-a but this 4 times a week thing we have going on has GOT to stop. I want to start a diet that will help me keep my body alkaline and also help deter tooth decay .. fast food is not on the list of approved foods.

21. Cut credit cards up as they are paid off.
I’m very pleased to announce my Macy’s credit card was recently slashed. I only have one more to go with a very small balance. I am getting rid of those devil things so I don’t have to worry about them ever again. I don’t care what effect it has on my credit score, they aren’t worth it.

22. Be a better listener.
I’m a talker. I always have been. I get nervous and word vomit just happens. This year I want to work on my listening skills and have more meaningful conversations.

23. Try a new hobby.
I love all things arts and crafts but I always do projects that I’m comfortable with. This year I hope to try something out of my comfort zone. Calligraphy, crochet, knitting .. I’m not sure yet. I’m excited to try!

24. Be genuine, be happy, and not afraid.
I’ve always had bad nerves. I have not taken opportunities because of it. I have ruined good things for myself because of it. I’ve kept distance from people I love because of it. No more. I am in a good place and it’s time to keep it that way.

Anyone have any advice about my goals? I want to hear from you! Let me know in the comments below.


“Today is the oldest you’ve ever been and the youngest you’ll ever be again.”

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