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Charlotte Weekend Trip

28th June 2016

You know those weekends you just want to live over and over? Yeah, this past weekend was one of those.

Weekend Review: Charlotte Weekend Trip

Weekend in Charlotte, NC | Sweet Southern Simplicity Blog

This weekend was SO cool because I got to see two of the people I love the most, in the same weekend, in CHARLOTTE. Meaning, I didn’t have to drive 5 hours to see them and we got to explore a place none of us really had before.

My beau arrived on Friday night and whisked me away from my residence hall to a swanky hotel in Uptown Charlotte. We stayed at the Hyatt HOUSE. It was beautiful and convenient to everything. It had an almost full kitchen, beautiful living room, huge televisions, and floor to ceiling windows on every possible wall. Normally, we don’t splurge on hotels like that, but we had a free night from hotels.com from our big adventure out west last year.

After we settled into the hotel, we headed to the nearest Cracker Barrel because Jason and I are already grandparents at heart. And because I have a passion for large amounts of breakfast food. I mean, is there anything better than breakfast, really?

The next day we walked around Uptown for a while and made our way to 7th Street Public Market. We shared a fabulous steak and egg sandwich and a bowl of grits from Local Loaf. It was divine. So much flavor, so tender, and the baguette was perfect. The cheesy grits helped balance out the jalapeno heat on the sandwich. It was pure breakfast heaven.
Charlotte | Sweet Southern Simplicity Blog IMG_6849We walked around the market and I, of course, found the cutest place to buy jewelry and gifts. There were so many great places to eat in there, I could have stayed there all weekend!

Then we made our way over to Amelie’s French Bakery to try out some macarons. I have had macarons before and I wasn’t much of a fan. Amelie’s changed my mind. They were SO good. See how passionate I was about them!?
Charlotte Weekend Trip | Sweet Southern Simplicity Blog

We then made our way out to Belmont to the Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden. It was the perfect addition to our Charlotte weekend trip. We had such a good time and it was not crowded at all. Admission was only $12.95 per person and the staff was so friendly! Driving through Belmont was fun, too. There were so many pretty houses!
Charlotte Weekend Trip | Sweet Southern Simplicity BlogThere was so much beauty to take in at the gardens, but here are some of the highlights:
Charlotte Weekend Trip | Sweet Southern Simplicity Blog

Charlotte Weekend Trip | Sweet Southern Simplicity Blog

Charlotte Weekend Trip | Sweet Southern Simplicity Blog

Charlotte Weekend Trip | Sweet Southern Simplicity Blog

Charlotte Weekend Trip | Sweet Southern Simplicity Blog

After a wonderful afternoon at the garden, we headed to NoDa to grab some dinner before going to see Caleb Caudle at The Evening Muse.

We ate at Cabo Fish Taco and it was so very good. Get the battered white fish taco. DO IT.
Charlotte Weekend Trip | Sweet Southern Simplicity BlogThe black beans and rice were absolutely perfect, the queso was heavenly, the lemon shrimp taco was fantastic. You can’t go wrong here. Also look at that marg, yum!

Once we were so beyond full, it was time to head to The Evening Muse to hear Caroline Spence and Caleb Caudle. It was awesome. So awesome in fact, I decided to dedicate an entire blog post to it. You can read about my experience here.
Sweet Southern Simplicity Blog: Sweet Southern MusicThe next day we took it easy while we waited for my best friend and her boyfriend to come join us. They were sweet enough to make the long haul to come see me just for the day! I feel so loved.
We took them over to Amelie’s because I knew my bff would love it. We enjoyed some tasty BLTs and pastries. Still dreaming about that BLT ..
Then we went exploring! I took them to NoDa and we went in a few of the shops, you can see my bounty further in the post. NoDa reminds me so much of Little Five Points in Atlanta, but cleaner.
Charlotte Weekend Trip | Sweet Southern Simplicity BlogAren’t they the most precious you’ve ever seen?

We then headed to South Park mall to see how the other half lives and to do a little shopping. I spoiled myself to a S’well water bottle and a delicious Panera lunch. I hadn’t had Panera in so long I forgot how delicious it was.
Then I took them back to UNCC to see the botanical gardens here. I walk them almost everyday, so I wanted to share the experience with them.

It was a fabulous weekend, and there is so much more left to explore here! I can’t wait for my next opportunity for a Charlotte weekend trip!

I got some really cool souvenirs this weekend, too! Check it out.
Charlotte Weekend Trip | Sweet Southern Simplicity Blog
S’well Water Bottle / Caleb Caudle merch / Sunshine Daydreams tee / Bad ass stickers

 What are your favorite things to do in Charlotte? Share in the comments below!

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