How I Use My Planner by Sweet Southern Simplicity Blog

How I Use My Planner

19th January 2016

Hello friends! I have had a few questions recently about how I use my planner. My beloved, life-saving planner..

How I Use My Planner by Sweet Southern Simplicity Blog

I have always loved planners and agendas. They help me so much! I can’t remember anything unless I write it down so my planner is my go-to. I have used many planners in the past, including the Erin Condren Life Planner, but no planner compares to the Day Designer I got from Target last ‘Back to School’ season. Also known as my favorite “cheapie” planner.

Internet, meet my planner. 

– The pink background is actually cardstock and it’s interchangeable (The cover has a front pocket). I decided on pink and white for now since Valentines Day is right around the corner.
– The gold is a vinyl decal I designed in Silhouette Studio. I put it on top of my planner’s cover (versus on my cardstock) so it will always remain regardless of how many times I change my cardstock out.
How I Use My Planner by Sweet Southern Simplicity (My vinyl design messed up a little in the transfer process 🙁 )

I usually have the front littered with Post It notes of things I need to remember/add to my planner.

Here is what my monthly view looks like.
I use Post-it page flags to denote different events and actions in my life. I would suggest, for your sanity, to invest in Post It brand page flags because they stick so much better than any other brand (regardless of how cute 🙁 … Damn you Target Dollar section). Furthermore, they unstick so you can move them around if necessary. I ALWAYS have to move things around after I plan the month out.

In this photo I was using mara mi page flags, they were beautiful but unfortunately not as durable as the classic Post It.
Planner Month View | How I Use My Planner | Sweet Southern Simplicity Blog

Below is my weekly view.
Things get a little more exciting here. On the top of the page I denote which ink color represents each area of my life. Mine breaks down like this:

Aqua – Home / Personal
Lavender – Assistantship / Practicum
Navy Blue – Class / GSAP (Student organization)
Blue – My marketing job / Blog / Booth
Green – Bills / Personal (side hustles)

Planner Weekly View | How I Use My Planner | Sweet Southern Simplicity Blog

I adore the way the week pages are laid out. Each day has two sections “My Schedule” and “To Do (which has check boxes). It seems to work well for me and helps me stay on track. I organize my tasks and appointments by color. I also add important detail. For example, if I write an assignment down, I also denote its due date and other important details. On the bottom of the page there are four sections. The first is “This Week’s Top Three”. Next to that is an inspirational quote (which I always, always love). Then a notes section and a section for gratitude (which I also love).

In the back “Notes” section of my planner I keep some handmade budget planning worksheets and my goals. I love having it all in one place. It seems small, but it truly makes life so much easier!

If you would like to see what supplies I use for my planner click here.

That’s how I use my planner, how do you use yours? Let me know in the comments below.

Have a great, productive week! Plan On!

XO – Sarah


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