Semester Goals

25th August 2015

Today was my first day as a graduate student. It’s crazy and hard to believe, but it’s real and I am so, so excited! I’ve been so busy working two jobs and doing my graduate assistantship (in the best office ever) that I haven’t even had time to panic about my first day of classes.

I had two classes today and man, do I have my work cut out for me! I am looking forward to them though, I can already tell I will be learning a lot.

I was planning out my assignments and papers tonight when I realized I hadn’t even nailed down my semester goals! Absurd!  I’m a firm believer in setting goals, so naturally this post is a list of my goals for my first semester of grad school. Hold me accountable!

Semester Goals on Sweet Southern Simplicity Blog

1. Develop a solid morning routine.
I am NOT a morning person. Not even close. Unfortunately, I don’t have a choice in the matter. I have to be a morning person from now on. I report to my assistantship at 9:00 am every weekday. I want to start waking up extra early and easing into the day so I am at my very best when I’m at work. This will also give me time to eat breakfast and pack my lunch so I will be saving money and eating healthier.

2. Avoid procrastinating.
I work well under pressure, but I do not enjoy it at all. I want to finish my assignments and papers with days to spare so I can edit and perfect them without the soul crushing stress.

3. Join professional organizations and get involved.
I really underestimated the power of professional organizations when I was pursuing my undergraduate degree. I don’t plan on making that mistake in grad school.

4. Find a mentor.
This has been suggested to me many times. I have always been so intimidated by this, why would someone volunteer their time to me? Now that I am studying College Student Affairs I realize that many of my supervisors and professors want to serve as a mentor. That’s why they do what they do in the first place! So I am looking forward to being mentored and soaking up as much information as I can.

5. Blog consistently.
I would love for my blog to become a source of information for people interested in College Student Affairs. In order for that to happen I will have to blog consistently and have stellar content!

6. Really enjoy and soak up the experience.
I am usually so stressed out during school I forget to enjoy the experience. School is amazing!! If I don’t let stress and anxiety consume me I will be in for a great semester!

What are your semester goals?

XO – Sarah

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.”
-Nelson Mandela

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