S’well Bottle Review

29th June 2016

One of the cool things about working at a college is that my students keep me abreast on all the latest trends. I was intrigued by this mysterious bottle some of my students had. It was described to me as a Yeti cup with a screw top. Interesting.

New Obsession: S’well Bottle Review

S'well Bottle Review | Sweet Southern Simplicity Blog

I wanted one because I suck at drinking enough water! I thought this contraption would be the perfect solution since it would keep my water cold all day. I have to drink super cold water or it makes me nauseous. Room temperature will not do for me. I recognize that that is very much a first world problem and I know I sound like a total privileged b*tch, but I like my water cold, dammit.

I did some research and was completely mind blown by the fact that they keep drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12. Then I saw that the large ones (25 oz) cost $45. HOLD UP. $45 dollars for a bottle?! Uh, no thank you. I would rather have medical insurance this month. You can get the smaller sizes for cheaper, but I really wanted the 25 oz bottle.

I tried desperately to find one cheaper, I scoured eBay forever. No luck. I tried Poshmark, Mercari, the black market (kidding), to no avail.

Then, I saw the less expensive version of them at Target for $24.99. They are called the Sip by S’well. I had gotten a giftcard to Target for my birthday so I decided to test out the cheaper version. I liked it a lot, it kept my water nice and cold and I could put it in my purse without worrying about spills. I just wished it was bigger because I am usually on the go. Here are some of the adorable options they have for the Sip by S’well. They had them on sale recently, too! B1G1 30% off! These would make great gifts!
S'well Bottle Review | Sweet Southern Simplicity BlogThey have so many fun colors and so many fun prints (think foxes, bacon and eggs, and bees!). I’m glad I invested in one. It’s great for when I need to pack lighter.

Then, that faithful day came. When I succumbed to my materialism and Parks & Rec-style treated myself. It wasn’t premeditated, and it felt a little wrong. I went to Athleta and they happened to have them there. A light went off in my brain. I have an Old Navy credit account and I had rewards on my account. Athleta and Old Navy are owned by the same parent company .. would they let me use my rewards?! Yes they did! And so, I got the S’well bottle of my dreams, on the cheap.
Here it is, in all its glory hanging out with my other new finds.
S'well Bottle Review | Sweet Southern Simplicity
I can honestly say I LOVE THIS WATER BOTTLE. It is perfect for the college campus, running errands, my daily walks through the botanical gardens. And it’s SO PRETTY. I really think it inspires me to drink more water just for that fact. It’s also super portable since it has the screw top. I walk to work so I would often slosh water from my other to go cups all over me before I got there. No longer! I can just put my S’well in my purse and be on my merry way.

Here are some of my favorites of the orignal S’well bottles. They have some seriously beautiful ones.

S'well Bottle Review | Sweet Southern Simplicity Blog S'well Bottle Review | Sweet Southern Simplicity Blog S'well Bottle Review | Sweet Southern Simplicity Blog

These teakwood ones are basically art and they would make a good gift for the guy in your life that’s so hard to shop for!
S'well Bottle Review | Sweet Southern Simplicity Blog
While I’m still shocked I paid over $10 for a water bottle, I am so glad I did. It has been so easy to hit my daily water intake goal every day.

What do you think of my S’well Bottle review? Will you try a S’well?


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