Catching Flies

14th April 2015

As I have mentioned before, my sweet guy and I are currently renovating our humble abode. We are getting hardwood floors and I am finally getting a real desk. I have been waiting for this moment for years and years. I am so excited!

My desk hasn’t been put together just yet, we have a lot to do before that happens. That hasn’t stopped me from crafting up fun stuff for it when it’s complete. Pencil holders, catch all dishes, and printables! I had to stick to my roots with my latest creation. And of course, I had to share the love!

Free Printable from Sweet Southern Simplicity

Download your sweet southern printable FREE here!
(Printable looks best when printed on cardstock)

Do you ever say something and your mother comes out? Happens to me allll the time. I don’t mind, my momma is a smart, strong woman. And a true southern lady, at that. She could provide me with a good old southern “proverb” for any occasion.

My favorites are the ones with a good lesson. I remember one of the first times my momma said “you catch more flies with honey” to me. I was very young and I thought about it for a while. When I finally understood what she meant, I was impressed with myself and inspired. I have since used the phrase constantly and have tried my best to put it into practice in my everyday life. Mama is right, you do catch more flies with honey. But dang if it isn’t hard to be sweet in all situations!

Here’s to trying our best, ladies! Enjoy the printable 🙂

XO – Sarah


“The South: Where love, family, and tradition are the sugar in our tea.”

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