DIY Mid Century Inspired Organization

8th May 2015

Hi lovelies! I have a maddeningly simple and easy DIY for you today. BONUS: it’s super affordable!

Jason and I are still renovating our space and once we are finished I will have a a desk with faux built ins around it. I couldn’t be more excited! I planned on buying small baskets for the shelves to organize some of my small craft items. This DIY saved me from doing that, which made my wallet very happy.

DIY Mid Century Inspired Organization

Last week at work Chef brought us some local strawberries for a yummy summer cocktail we recently started serving. I am a strawberry fanatic, so I was really excited about The Farmhouse Garden Old Fashion debuting on the drink menu. Bourbon, strawberries, mint .. yum! My excitement for the bourbon was nothing compared to my excitement for the baskets the strawberries came in though. Cute little green plastic baskets.

I loved the design of the baskets. It reminded me of a stair railing I saw in a gorgeous mid century home. I knew exactly what to do to make these babies chic! Make them gold, of course!


1. Plastic berry baskets
2. Gold Metallic Spray Paint (I love Krylon’s but any kind will do, I’m sure)

DIY Mid Century Inspired Organization


1. Wash and dry plastic berry baskets thoroughly.
2. Create space to spray paint. ALWAYS spray paint outside and with a face mask. I usually lay an old sheet down to ensure that I don’t get paint anywhere it isn’t welcomed.
3. Lay each basket out and spray paint the insides. Repeat for each side on the outside.
4. Leave your baskets out to dry. I usually wait at least an hour, just to be sure!

This is one of my favorite projects because:
– It’s upcycling
– I spent NOTHING on it
– It’s SO pretty!

DIY Mid Century Inspired Organization


This project was free for me because I had the gold spray paint on hand and the baskets for free from work. You can get the metallic spray paint for less than $5 (at least here in GA) with a Joann’s coupon! So this project is super affordable. Plus, think of all the other things you can spray paint gold!

What will you do with your berry baskets this summer? I think these would be really cute in white, too!

XO – Sarah

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