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25th March 2015

I have been working nonstop on my teeny tiny business, Little Lake Vintage. I haven’t even made a significant profit from it (yet) but I never ever grow tired of it. I have been dreaming of running a vintage shop for the past 10 or so years and I am finally just freakin’ doing it and it brings me so much joy.

Yesterday I decided LLV deserved a makeover and I rebranded everything. I am head over heels for my new logo, I can’t wait to see it printed on my new cards!

Little Lake Vintage Logo on Sweet Southern Simplicity

What do you think?! I’ve been told it captures my essence well 🙂

Floral Letters / Monogram by Little Lake Vintage on Sweet Southern Simplicity

In other LLV news, I am currently taking orders for custom faux floral letters (like the ones above). I can do any letter, any size up to 3 ft in just about any color. If you are interested in ordering one for your home, wedding, or photoshoot please shoot me an email at littlelakevintage@gmail.com. The pricing is based on letter size and flower choice (if you have a preference), to give you an idea letters under 10″ are around $15 a piece and letters in the 2-3ft range are $35.

And just in case you didn’t know, Little Lake Vintage, the booth, will be at the Farmhouse Pasture Sale in Newnan, GA on April 3-4. If you are near the area you should definitely stop by, I will have a free gift for anyone that gives me instagram love! Details on that one are happening next week 🙂

Other than that life has been plenty busy with working my normal job(s), renovating with Jason, watching a lot of The Office reruns, and crafts. Life is so good.


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