How To Repot and Care For Succulents

25th February 2015

Does anyone else dread winter as much as I do? I despise it. Extra layers, frozen windshields, and the overall gloominess just bring me down. Nothing makes me more sad than going outside and seeing the trees stripped of their leaves, pots without flowers, and hydrangeas no where in site. I need to see some life! So today I decided to tend to my sweet little succulents.

HowToCareForSucculents Sweet Southern Simplicity

I have had some precious succulents sitting idly by, waiting to be repotted for a while now. I, of course, have not had the time or motivation to do anything with them lately (luckily they are the most chill plants ever and aren’t super needy).

I painted three traditional terra-cotta pots in an ombre fashion; one white, one gray, and one black. As the saying goes, everything looks better in black and white. I believe it. The gorgeous greens of my succulents look awesome against the hues of their new homes. See!

Succulents on Sweet Southern Simplicity

Succulents are my favorite plants and they are so so easy to care for. Anyone can have a lovely succulent garden or plant. I picked these beauties up from Home Depot, where they were being frozen to death in the garden section of the store. They are relatively inexpensive which is always a plus.

How To Repot Succulents:

– When you are putting your new succulents into new pots be sure to place a few small rocks in the bottom of the new pot for drainage.

– Although the information on the tag of most of my succulents says to use normal potting soil, it is probably best to use a cacti or succulent mix.

– Add soil on top of your layer of rocks, making sure to leave a hole to place your new plant into.

– Very gently loosen the soil on the roots of your new plant after carefully getting it out of its original pot.

– Place plant into the hole you left for it and surround with soil so that the plant is snug in its new home.

– Give your plant a little bit of water to help it settle into its new soil.

How To Care For Succulents:

– Place your succulents in a place where they will be exposed to natural sunlight.

– Do not water your plant until the soil is completely dry.

– Water very sparingly, some say only 4 times a year! I just feel the soil and give it a small amount of water when the soil is completely dry.

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